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#$&! front driveshaft

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so i went out tonight after getting a call to help pull some guys out. the first truck i came to was a 2500 dodge ucmmins diesel...and thats when it happend, put tension on the strap backed up and felt something go lose...yep there goes the front d-shaft.

so now i have to get the driveshaft out then order newparts dammit i was stupid. sorry i just had to vent thanks for listening .
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Whats up there, dude? I can't imagine your 3500 lb. Jeep having a hard time pulling on a 9000 lb. truck. How have you been lately? Hope everything is good. Sorry to hear about your D-shaft.
yeah the 3500 lbs jeep and the 9000lb truck didnt work out so well but i just dont get how i bent the yoke straps enought to break it. but i just ordered the new part and it will be here on friday so my original freakout session is over and now i am just trying to figure out how to fix the drivers rear shock...
but other then the jeep i am doing well and the jeep is doing ok.. but finals are starting and its time to study.
I have pulled out a fullsize nissan 4 door pickup truck, and a motorhome out of the sand. I even had to drag them out, about a mile or two. ah fun times. One guys wife even cryed cause they had been stuck for so long and no one else could pull them out.
I have not had a chance to pull anyone out with my Jeep yet but I did have a 87 nissan pathfinder 4x4 I used to pull everything with I pulled out several full size trucks with it I think the biggest thing I pulled with the enissan was a Ford F350 dulley loaded down with garbage I pulled him out of a big suger sand hole!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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