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front fender wheel opening question

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I have a 91 the center of the front fender wheel opening it has another arch in the opening rather than being flat and my flair does not cover 87 and 89 don't have this all later model yj's have this , is it a canadian model or what?? does it require a different flair than the ones that are on it ?? my flairs have a bolt hole in this area but there is no matching hole in the lip of the fender itself and I am not sure if it would look right if the flair was pulled up that there a clip that should be there to accept a screw??..I saw another jeep with this same arch on someones profile pic but can't remember whose it was
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Im not positive about that I cut my own flares until I can afford tubes or something but is there a lip on the inside of where the fender is coming up
yes,there is a factory lip there but no bolt hole.. the flair has a bolt hole in this area..only thing I can think of is maybe it had a metal clip with screw hole to clip on the fender lip..I saw another jeep pic on here that didn't have any flairs on it with this same shaped fender but I can't remember who had it
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