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Front Licence Plate on a Willys

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I just bought a 2015 Jeep Willys, and I don't see a place to put a front licence plate (Texas). I know on my earlier Jeeps, there was a place to put one, but I don't see one on the bumper, which has a really hard metal looking plastic piece. Any ideas?
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Admittedly I don't have the Willys yet, but a similar topic came up in another thread recently, and someone mentioned the bumper has two "dimples" that are supposedly the place for the plate.
The "hard metal looking" plastic is just normal plastic, look closely for the two dimples to help you center the two holes perfectly. Just about any type of screw should work, there may even be a small baggie with two screws in the glove box.
Thank you all for the answers! I appreciate it.
Glad our state doesn't require front plates.
Me too. I just sent some instructions to my dealer about the prep when it arrives soon; I'll flip my lid if they tap holes in my bumper for a dealer plate.
I run without one in Texas and haven't had an issue (Not suggesting it), but on my Willys stock bumper before swap out had a couple of dimples on it.
I just told the dealer to give me the 4 screws. Line the bottom 2 up and screw them in. The TX license plate does not too bad.
Found screws on the glove box, lined it up and drilled away! Don't plan on keeping the stock bumper so it was no loss. Actually pretty easy deal.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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