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Can anyone please help,
I've got angry sparrows on my front prop shaft,
cutting the story short I've totally rounded off the 8mm bolt heads and wrecked my new 8mm wrench the bolts are that tight,
I've removed the shaft by popping the cap off the u joint,
I'm now left with the centering ball yoke still attached and 1 u joint,
Only option now is to cut the heads off the bolts or drill the bolts out from the ball centering yoke end,
Question is are the 4 holes in the yoke that comes out the transfer case smooth and unthreaded,
so when i cut the rounded heads off the bolts will the ball centering yoke come straight off with the bolt shafts attached.

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yep, they are just open holes, after cutting the heads off, the whole unit should pull right.

side note, those bolts are specialty ones and cost an arm and a leg at the stealer. i got very similar bolts, 12 pt heads, from mcmaster for a fraction of the cost
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