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So having an issue that I have yet to ID the problem. Few weeks back I changed to 285/70/17 on stock rubi rims with 1.5" spacers. No lift. No initial signs of any rubbing.

Now my passenger side wheel is all kinds of "rough". Hard to describe but the feel out of that side is bad, especially when turning right. Kind of like something is grinding or sand. I pulled the wheel and swapped with new spare and no change so its not wheel/tire. I also could not find any signs of rubbing at all. Everything looks fine. It is definitely more noticeable on turns. Only right side. Left (Drivers) is fine with the wheel cranked either way

Wheel spins fine when jacked up with again no noticeable rubbing anywhere.

Oh, 22,000 street miles so not a ton of wear or tear. I did have an issue with severe cupping on original tires which lead me to the larger tires that have less then 1K on them.

Any thoughts. Thanks
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