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Hi guys

I've about had it with this car (2000 TJ Wrangler). Since son bought it in February, it's been nothing but trouble...ready to burn the b&*st%*d!!!:mad: Anyhow, front uni joint on front shaft was replaced under warranty yesterday. Trouble is the rear uni on same shaft is screaming its guts out but warranty won't cover the job to take out the shaft if there is nothing wrong with the uni. So we are going to take it out ourselves. Looks like a big job...anything we should know about before starting the job?:( AND DOES ANYONE HAVE A BOX OF MATCHES????:mad:

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A Wrangler, is not a is not a truck. It is a Jeep. And learning to be one with your Jeep is priceless. I am not familiar with the term, "uni", so I am not sure what you are asking. If you are referring to the universal joints, they are fairly easy to exchange.

Just a side note: matches never fixed anything, that I know of........:D

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From the Jeep FSM.... hope it helps.. Pm with your email and I can send full page in MS word format if you like....

(1) Hoist and support vehicle on safety stands.
(2) Remove the crossmember/skid plate as necessary
to gain access to the propeller shaft.
(3) Shift the transmission and transfer case, if necessary,
into the Neutral position.
(4) Using a suitable marker, mark a line across
the yoke at the transfer case, the link yoke, and propeller
shaft yoke at the rear of the front propeller
shaft for installation reference (Fig. 13).
(5) Mark a line across the propeller shaft yoke and
the pinion shaft yoke for installation reference.
(6) Remove the U-joint strap bolts at the pinion
shaft yoke (Fig. 14).
(7) Remove bolts holding rear universal joint to
the transfer case yoke.
(8) Separate the rear universal joint from the
transfer case yoke.
(9) Push rear of propeller shaft upward to clear
transfer case yoke.
(10) Separate front universal joint from front axle.
(11) Separate propeller shaft from vehicle.
(1) Position front propeller shaft under vehicle
with rear universal joint over the transfer case yoke.
(2) Place front universal joint into the axle pinion
(3) Align mark on the rear link yoke and universal
joint to the mark on the transfer case yoke (Fig. 13).
(4) Loosely install bolts to hold universal joint to
transfer case yoke.
(5) Align mark on front universal joint to the mark
on the axle pinion yoke.
(6) Tighten the U-joint strap/clamp bolts at the
axle yoke to 19 N·m (14 ft. lbs.) torque.
(7) Tighten the universal joint to transfer case
bolts to 27 N·m (20 ft. lbs.) torque.
(8) Lower the vehicle.
(1) Shift the transmission and transfer case into
(2) Hoist and support vehicle on safety stands.
(3) Scribe alignment marks at the pinion shaft and
at each end of the propeller shaft. These marks will
be used for installation reference.
(4) Remove the U-joint strap bolts at the pinion
shaft yoke.
(5) Pry open clamp holding the dust boot to propeller
shaft yoke (Fig. 15).
(6) Slide the slip yoke off of the transmission/
transfer case output shaft and remove the propeller
shaft (Fig. 16).
Fig. 13 Reference Marks on Yokes

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Hi guys

Yeah, I know I know...the Jeeps are great. Just really sick of this one considering it's only done a bit over 100 000km! Up until now, the dealer and warranty have paid for all the work on it and the guy who did the roadworthy got sacked. But anyhow, thanks heaps for all those instructions on getting to that uni joint. We've done them on heaps of vehicles but as this is the first Jeep in the family, just wanted to be sure there weren't any surprises. I drive a Suzuki Sierra and it's done 280 000km and not skipped a beat except for a clutch plate and a uni joint coincidentally. But I like getting the chance to borrow the son's car...makes a change from, "Mum, can I borrow the car?" hahahah. Cheers! :)
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