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FS: NEW Teraflex 3545351 Tera44 R44complete axle 5.13, 1/2” tubes, OEM Rubi locker,

I have a NEW in the crate Teraflex 3545351 Tera44 R44 (Rubicon housing) complete axle. I ordered this for my JK build and ended up selling my JK.

This axle was ordered complete, built by Teraflex and has all the upgrades to run 37s. 5.13 Spicer r&p, new OEM Rubi locker, Teraflex HD ball joints, 1/2” wall axle tubes, extra caster for 4”+ lift, raised track bar bracket, and all the other goodies Teraflex builds into their axles.

You can bolt this directly into a JK Rubicon.

It is NEW in the crate and has not been modified, installed, test fit, or anything else. It is exactly as received from Teraflex.

Link to this axle on Teraflex: Wrangler Unlimited

$4132.99 from Teraflex, $3500 from me.

I’m in So Cal, and prefer not to ship this thing.

Also available: NIB RCV Rubicon front axle shafts ($1100), NIB Reid Racing JK knuckles ($450), and a bunch of other parts.
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