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FS: Overhead console for TJ

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I have for sale an overhead console just like the one in the pictures below. Works great to get your cb up and out of the way, could also house aux. switches etc. Used mine in my 98 TJ for 4 years and only took it out when I installed my cage.
Attaches to the footman loop mounting screws on the windshield frame and lays on top of the rollbar and it attached with zipties. All wires/cables run inside the console for a nice clean look.
$100 + shipping

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Price drop

:cool: $80 + Shipping
Got any better pics?
Not really unfortunately. I nolonger have one installed in my Jeep because I installed a trail cage.
What angle would you like to see?
Well, I was wondering how wide it was and also, how sturdy. Can it handle a little weight? Also, does it vibrate much?
If I recall correctly it is 8 or 9 inches wide. Mine did not rattle at all. The cb would rattle alittle but I fixed that with alitt piece of self adhesive foam on each corner that contacted the console. Here is a pic that I had of the front. It shows where I put the foam to solve the rattle. You can see the little black piece of foam right by the bolt head.

How much weight are you talking? I would not be concerned with attaching a cb, mag light, and other accessories onto it. I would not sit on it, but I think it will hold up pretty well.
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Well it looks like I screwed up my links messing around with my photobuck account so here are the original pics as well as a couple new ones.

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No body needs one of these? Spring time is here, the tops are coming off. Time to get that cb up and out of the way. Here is the perfect solution to the problem of where to put a cb in a TJ!
$100 is too high. Check out what they cost new and you will see what I mean.
$100 is too high. Check out what they cost new and you will see what I mean.
Ok, first read closer:
$80 + Shipping
Second, here is what my quick search uncovered:
Tuffy: $220-$300 Truck Performance, Rhino Accessories and UTV Parts
JC Whitney: $89.99, but where are you going to hang the cb? Rampage OVERHEAD UPHOLSTERED STORAGE CONSOLES : JC Whitney: Jeep Parts & Accessories

From what I have found, $80 +$10 in shipping(average) doesn't seem that bad for someone who is looking to get their cb and possibly some aux. switches up and out of the way. Sure there are better units out there($220-$300!), I'm not trying to compete with Tuffy, but for the money I feel that this is a pretty good deal. If there are cheaper ones than I have found out there, please let me know if I am really out of bounds on this. I'm not trying to take advantage of anyone, just trying to make a little money for some extra Jeep parts!;)
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I don't know how much CB racks cost new - but way back in the day when I had my Tuffy dual compartment overhead console - that's the one that was 220 bucks; and it locked. It's completely different from a simple overhead mounting surface

What you have is more like this: CBRACK2 - CB Rack - CB Rack for Jeep Wrangler TJ 2003-Up | Tellico 4x4
For my 600th post and speaking as someone who uses my own home made overhead console, 80 isn't a bad deal for a steel rack like this one. I would have paid it if i could have afforded 80 bucks. Instead I had to go with home mead using aliminum parts and it vibrates like crazy. His is just as good as the CB Rack Jeepcrawler98 mentioned, for less money. If I had 80, I'd buy it.
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