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2018 JLUR on tons and 40's.
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Link to actual product.

RCI Fuel Cell Fast Fill Hose Valves 7036A -

- This filler neck was installed on my fuel cell when I purchased it new. I replaced it with the angled fill neck. This is in like new condition with all the parts there to use it on any application you prefer. It has all the bolts, nylon washers, and rubber gasket. I've never even put fuel through it. This would be great for anyone wanting to swap filler necks, try something different, or build your own fuel cell and need this piece.

- Asking $40 bucks plus the ride. Located in Wichita, KS at 67207.

- I ship FedEx every day and can get this out in a hurry. I accept paypal to my personal paypal account ([email protected]) and ship to confirmed addresses only. I can also take credit cards if you cover the fee. If you are close and want to pick it up I can usually meet up with you at any time.

If you have any questions you can call the shop at 316.337.5311, email me at [email protected], or PM me here.

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