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So i purchased another wrangler for a project :iamhappy:

it came supercharged and since my 2014 already has a supercharger on it, im selling the RIPP supercharger for the 3.6 pentastar engines. This will fit 2012 up only will not fit the 3.8 engines. This is a intercooled type RIPP supercharger system. It includes carbon fiber cold air intake, supercharger, all the injectors spark plugs bolts etc.. Taken off of a wrangler 13 Rubicon manual with 38k miles. The previous owner of the Wrangler I bought it from stated supercharger was installed at 21k miles. Supercharger has 17k miles on it and vehicle was running when removed. I am **going to try to*** install a turbo diesel engine this wrangler off the newer grand cherokee's :happyyes:

Engine is also available to anyone who is interested. Supercharger is already removed engine is going to be removed within the next few weeks.

Only thing you will need to buy is the vortech oil or you can get it from RIPP but it's much more expensive. You need about 3 quarts. the Vortech turbo that RIPP uses takes a lot of oil. oil does need to be changed at certain time intervals per the instruction manual. Everything is included for install like the belts, brackets hoses clamps ect. if some minor things are missing they can be ordered from RIPP but i believe the mechanic did a good job at labeling and boxing all the components.

Other than the oil there may be a bolt or two that might be missing but I made sure not to lose anything.

Tuner is also included and it has a 2013 manual tune on it but I would recommend you get a new updated tune from RIPP directly they will email it to you. i unmarried the tuner from the vehicle so it is back to stock. i have a picture of the tuner showing no vehicle stored on it.

Asking $3900 OBO for supercharger
Engine, not sure yet make me an offer. 3.6 with wiring and computer and transmission wont need any of it for the diesel.

any questions please let me know. thank you!
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