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2018 JLUR on tons and 40's.
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I stepped up to a better camera so I'm not in need of this one anymore. This has been a great camera and I've always taken great care of it. I originally bought this camera for a couple of reasons. The main was the recording video options. It will record onto a Sony Memory Stick until the stick is full. It also records sound. It takes great pictures on all the functions.

Comes with:
Sony DSC-P72 3.2mega pixel Digital Camera
1 - 16mb Memory Stick
1 - 128mb Memory Stick
1 - 256mb Memory Stick
1 - USB cable for data transfer
1 - Battery Charger for AA batteries
1 - Power cable to run the camera from the wall
All the manuals, info, and registration cards in the original box.

This is the actual camera.

I'm asking 150 for everything included. PM me here or email me at [email protected] I do accept paypal.

Here are some of the pictures taken with this camera.

All have been resized.

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