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Fuel Filter?

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Kinda in the middle of tuning up my 97 4.0 and was wanting to know if it has an in tank filter cause I can't seem to locate one under the hood or on the frame. It appears it has never been touched I bought it with 96,000 it now has 98,000 and I was workin' on it while it was warm out. Thanks.
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What he said.

We hear from many people that their fuel pumps tend to go out around the 90-110,000 mile point. It does not happen to every Jeep but it does happen quite a bit. I bring it up since it was on your mind it could be some maintenance just around the corner.

My Jeeps fuel pump hit just over 92,000 and right on queue it is now on its death bed waiting for the Jeep angel to come get the pump.
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