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Fuel tank capacity question

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Hi Folks, so the literature for my 2017 JK states that the fuel capacity is 18.6 gallons. I have driven my Jeep till the needle is really pointing at "E" and the distance to empty system stops displaying miles to empty and just says "low fuel" i.e. she's pretty darn empty. But even then the max amount of fuel I have been able to put in the tank is just over 15 gallons. Is there really that much (3+ gallons) of reserve after all the indicators say you're empty?
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Yes. Think about it. These rigs are meant to go off road. Meaning zero access to gas stations. If the indicator came on at say, 1 gallon left and 10 miles to the nearest paved road, you'd be pissed when the drive to the gas station is more than 14-19 miles away. Gives you more time to get fuel.
Mine is 22.5 and at "Low Fuel" I can get about 18 (maybe 19) in so, sounds like yours is doing the same thing.
Not a great idea to run it super low. But, nice to know.

(Corrected: 22.5 gal)
I have had the same results with my Unlimited, I get in 18 gallons, holds 22.5.

Our literature says our tank holds 22.5 gallons (JK unlimited), and had read that normal "empty" was around 18.5.

I won't get into how it all happened, but the wife and I went way beyond "E" and a low fuel light. It took a GPS to determine if we could make a gas station or would be walking to get gas, but we rolled in on wheels.

I told her we'd fill with 18 and a half since the DTE wasn't registering miles.

I pumped 22 point something (don't have the receipt in front of me) into the tank. If there was three cups of gas left when we got to that station, I think I'd be surprised. And I didn't care what the price was.
Indeed. Thankfully gas stations do not have the technology (yet) to tell just How empty you are or the prices would reflect varying "need driven" pricing...

Like that Tom Cruise movie where the billboards addressed you by name.
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Sounds about right, someone at one point told me that any car should get around ~60 miles once the low gas light comes on. At 20ish mpgs (mine is a lot lower) that would get you 60 miles.
When the light comes on Chrysler indicates "approx." 2-4 gals. in reserve.
I felt like I was on fumes one day, and put in 20.1 gal in mine. I really still had a couple, but admittedly, that's not very far.
This summer in the JKU driving across Canada I was going through a very rural / desolate section of Ontario in the NW and reached the point where I had about 100KM of fuel left according to the EVIC DTE calculator, so well before the light even goes on.
Pulling up the GPS I tapped the handy 'Where am I' and the 'Fuel' to see where the next gas station was and saw that the closest station behind me was 50+ km backwards and a no name brand, but that there was an Esso ~35KM ahead and another station about ~70KM ahead, so thought just keep going and grab it from the Esso....
Well the Esso station had recently burned down, and the second station had gone out of business, now I had been on 'low fuel' (stops showing estimated distance when below 50kms DTE) for a while and the closest station was now another 57KM away, and rough calculating that was about 25+KMs past the initial DTE estimate.

Eventually rolled into the Big Flying J Shell station white knuckling it the whole way for the last 50kms trying to 'Hypermile' a Wrangler with the top down (wasn't sure if pulling off highway to close top to improve aero would cost more in momentum and acceleration to get back to highway speed), was super relieved.

Finally filled up the tank at what was essentially 25+KMs beyond the empty estimate and then pumped 'til it clicked off at 81.9L (no I didn't do the wait and refill since the flying J was about 5c/L more expensive than other stations, so it likely coulda taken a little more too) but just from that first click alone there was less than 3L (less than 1 US Gallon) of gasoline left in the 85L tank plus whatever is in the fuel filler hose or whatever where/when it clicks off. I'd never been able to fill up past mid 70s even when I knew I was 'empty' in town waiting for gas prices to drop 30%, so definitely was well beyond the typical 'E' empty.

Likely not good on the fuel system to go much beyond that level where the fuel pump might not be submerged, or it might start sucking air on an angle, etc.

Never want to go through that again as it takes all the fun out of the road trip, but glad for the buffer beyond the DTE calculator and E + orange light indication of empty instead of being stuck in the wilderness (even if a highway runs through it) with no ammenities nearby when those unplanned overextension of resource occur (like being stuck in a winter traffic jam).

So it seems like there's a little more than 7L / 1.8Gal past the empty estimate left in the tank from my experience, but of course your mileage may vary.
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