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Depends on how much fuel is in it. Other than maybe some rusted nuts and bolts not to difficult. You will have to watch out for the lines going to the rollover valve in the passenger rear corner. It has two lines to the tank you don't see until it is too late. So in the right rear remover the splash guard and look in with some light and you will see the lines to an assy with a clamp. It is a vent or if you rollover it stops fuel from coming out. Hence the name rollover valve. Check the picture. Other than that not bad. When replacing the lines make sure you get all fuel injection grade lines that can not only handle the pressure but they are a lot thicker. I took mine out and carried the old lines with me to the parts house to make sure I got the right sizes and bought a little extra, some new clamps and a half a day cleaning aand painting parts.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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