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Alright, I'm in the market for a new Wrangler Rubicon and have already been lookin at different lifts. From what I hear the FT Ultimate kit is near the top. How much more capable will my Wrangler be after I put this kit on, og course with a nice set of 35s and gears, (thinking 5.13 3but open to suggestions).
Any advice ya'll have is appreciated!!

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I have the full traction LA kit on my TJ and love the way that it drives on-road, and performs on the trail. I am very happy with the quality of the parts in the kit. I know that the kit will be different with the JK, but the quality should be the same.

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OK, I am a little biased here, but I have installed Almost all of the JK kits as of right now, and also seen some of the problems with each of the kit s that are out there. They all have some issues, but you the consumer, need to decide whats the best FOR YOU. Like I tell all of my customers, take the internet with a grain of salt. Unless you see something with your OWN EYES, dont believe it. This goes with lift kits also. Take all of the pro's AND the Cons with a certain lift kit and apply them to yourself. What works great for someone else may not work for YOU. In My OPINION, the FT kit is overpriced for what you get, and also has some parts that should be included, but at the time of this kits design were not available but are now. One of the MAIN things you NEED on any JK lift 3" or more are 1) A DROP PITMAN ARM. I have driven maky kits that were introduced early on and didnt include one, because they were not available. IMHO they drive like crap. But many people wont agree with me, and thats fine. Drive a JK with a drop pitman arm, and FEEL the difference. 2) Brake lines. Dont settle for the little drop brackets for a few reasons. First off, once again when these kits were designed, they were not available. I had mine custom made because when I tested the RK kit, they were not available. Period. You are adding a larger and heavier wheel and tire package, so step up to a stainless steel braided line, because they are available now and the brake feel is 10 times better when you step on the pedal and the line does not bulge. To be honest with everyone, I have a set of RK lines to put on mine (now they are available) because I think my brakes are way to "squishy" for normal driving. 3) Make sure that you get some type of driveshaft modification. Many say that you dont need them, but you will. Its failure by design. Rzeppa (Zeppa) Joints are very strong when operated in a flat plane, but thier strength decreases exponentially as the angle increases. This is going to be different between the 2 door and the 4 door, as the 4 door will be more tolerant to minor (2-4") lifts then the 2 door models.. If you would like more info on the pro's and cons of JK lifts, please feel free to give me a call at the shop monday - friday 8-4 MST...:D

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