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Full width YJ buildup

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Some pics of a build I've been doing

Finally got back to work on this after about a month of being lazy. Gotta get it moving so I can start tearing my Jeep down for the Diablo chassis build. Got the dana300 rebuilt at American Gear Shop in La Habra. Hector did a hell of a job, it's unfortunate it sat in the bed of my truck while it rained a little Sunday morning, but what can ya do. It's light rust and a wirebrush and some spray paint will fix that. Built the crossmember for it and will come back to the skidplate later on. Had to section the exhaust to bring it up tighter to the body to get it all to fit, so I did that and relocated the o2 sensor bung. Set the pinion angle and tacked the perches on as well on the rear axle.

Older pics

Well the aw4 is sitting underneath the tub now. a few more floor panels need to be mashed before I build the high clearance skid for it

The tranny cooler and some homemade brackets. This will go under the tub

The comp cut was completed

The shackle hangers I made off the new crossmember we set in the notched frame

Frame side spring hangers for the rear
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Hacked off the back of my old cage. Tim originally wanted just straight CJ style tubework in the back, but I had a couple screw up pieces of tube bent that was actually meant for the front section, but while he was gone I fit up one side and gave him the option of free tube vs buying straight tube :D I like this look a lot, the top lines up really well with the front section, making it look like it was bent in one piece and then notched for the main hoop. Not bad for some scrap. Notched it with a 4.5" grinder too, was too lazy to setup the holesaw notcher, and while it still took some back and forthing with the grinder, it got a real nice fit. I'll eventually run a couple short pieces of tube from the upper corners to the main hoop where the front spreaders meet the main hoop.
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I was keeping right up and was excited about the pics until I saw that shot from the front. How could a person deface a perfectly nice YJ like that? Other than that....she's a beauty. Is taht 2" tubing for the cage. I am going to start building a cage soon.
Very interesting build there, socalchef. I like the way you made the rear hangers for the leaf springs. How far did that get your rear axle pushed back?

Have you received your tube chassis yet? I sure do hope that you will share the build with us. Are you transferring all of the stuff out of your Jeep, or are you going new with everything?
Chef just curious. Why strech it with leaf springs? You have fab skills, why not build a four link. Coil overs or air shocks are not that expensive and all the axle wrap problems go away. Bottom line is that you know you will end up at that point some day anyway. JMHO:D
BTW the build looks good other then the round headlights:).
I've always wondered why he was so into the round headlights, but I think part of it is trying to look like an older Jeep so that he doesn't get hassled as much with the flat fenders. It's 2" .120 wall HREW. It was the first cage I built for myself, which I then modified a little. Next summer I think he'll get an all new setup.

The rear axle is about 8" back I think? Been awhile since we've measured. For my chassis build I'm using all the stuff from my Jeep. Atlas, 8.8, d30 with alloys, arb/detroit, m8000....and Fox coilovers in the rear :D

Hackle, this is barely getting put together as it is, coilovers just aren't in the budget. $200-250 for springs, $500 for the coilovers, $350 for JJ flex joints on one side and threaded studded joints on the other, the inserts are another $60-80, enough joints and link material for a spare upper and lower...haven't priced out my link material but I'm hoping for around $100 for a long stick of DOM. It would really suck if I got one of the 18' sticks, I think I can do it with just one if I get a long piece....but yeah, I'm four linking mine with the new chassis, and this one will probably end up with the same at some point, just has lots of little things I need to do to it, NO more big projects for a long time :D
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dope build man. I'll wish I pushed my rear axel back after I sink this small block into her...
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