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I know there are similar threads to this but I wanted to start another an see what other members plan to do to their Jeeps in the near future.

I have already installed nerf bars on my jeep an I am waiting on my taillight covers, shortty off-road antenna, mesh grille, an my headlight eyelids that should be here by the end of the week. I also will be gettin the 2.5" max travel lift with 33x12.50x15 DuraTracs with 15x8 mb tko's an ill be adding the poison spyder lite brawler bar front an rear bumpers. There will probably be more to come but that's all I have for now
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OffRoadCam09 said:
Yea 2 door an I already knew the driveshafts would probably go, kinda included that in with the lift just didn't specify lol
That was my first concern. 2nd would be the fact that you will most likely will get a lot more then 2.5" with those coils,
33's might look a little small... 35's ? :D

Also ... Talk to RK. If you do plan on driveshafts I would stay away from the max travel or you will be replacing the rear lowers again.
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