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Gauges going crazy...HELP!

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I have a '98 Wrangler and the gauges will intermittently stop working. One minute the speedometer will read 50 mph, and then the next it'll drop to zero. After a while it'll start working again. Same issue for RPM guage and gas.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Hi there, I went ahead and moved your post to the correct forum.

As far as the problem you are facing. The instrument cluster connections sometimes come loose causing the problem you are seeing. Easiest way to fix it is to take the cluster apart and bend in the connections just slightly to provide for a tighter fit. Also using some electrical grease on the connections will help with better continuity between the two metals.

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Scoob said:
Does your air bag light and others come on when this happens?
My old 98 had this same problem and it happens allot on older tj's

A quick slap to the dash will get it going again.

This is how you FIX the problem. Hope it is ok to link to another forum?
That was the "Bomb"! Thx for the assist.
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