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I usually buy used gears for axle regears since with dana 44;s for example I can go as high as 4.56 pulling thick cut gears from my local JY. I have heard some pretty bad things about different brands being junk though. Excessive wear, whining, and breakage/chipping.

Rather than figuring out myself whats junk and whats not, and wasting money, I figured I would ask what brands you guys have had bad experiences with, as well as good. I know half the bad reveiws are actually bad gear setups from the begining. I like used gears myself because I have never had a bad experience with Spicer gears as long as everything is in spec. I do not want to find out the hard way which ones are cheaply made after all the time it takes to set things up.

Usually I just figure I get what I pay for, I have found this to not be so true when it comes to stuff like this though. Some companies just charge a fortune for their logos, and nothing else is actually different.

SO what should I avoid at all costs? Its actually starting to make a difference now because I have about 10 axles on hand that are numerically low ratios. Since I am re-gearing pairs of axles at a time, its double the price difference. 330 and down are what I am sitting on the most right now. Since I get way more money for the better ratios on installs I do, I need to regear quite a few, and have ehausted all my local resources until more people crash their vehicles or blow their motors. I also do not want to setup gears perfectly just to have a customer come back because what was a perfect set of gears blew up a month later.

Also, whatever opinions you guys ave on thick cut VS regular cut and when to change the carrier on 44's that would be nice. Up to 430 I stick with regular carrier and thick cut gears. I know this higher I go the more rotating mass I am dealing with, and would rather buy the correct carrier when I hit the point where the break is going to make alarger difference.

Thanks for any input. Please, no hear-say. I would prefer to hear from the people who have done this work with their own two hands, than from the friend of some joker who threw a fit about his gears being junk when he actually set them up wrong.

All I am dealing with BTW are 44's and 88's. Maybe the occasional HP30 front, but not often since most guys that want me to deal with those axles have 4.0's and are looking to go 4.10 in which case I dont even regear. Its cheaper for me to go buy a solid 410 to install.

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