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Gear Pattern Help

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How does this look? I think I finally have it centered from the top to the bottom. Would you agree? It is a little to the heal, (outside of the ring gear). Do I need to center it exactly between the heal and toe? I have pulled it apart 8 times now, but I am actually enjoying the work.

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What does your coast side look like? Make sure that they are both close to centered contact and not running out. If that is the worst of the two I'd think you are fine.
The coast side looks almost exactly the same. Should I try and center it better?
IF your asking.... you will keep adjusting it since you are not 100% good with it yet.....

I would....perfection will pay off.... your depth looks good.....

Man you have patience!!! 8 times!?!?! I'm not worthy...

I hope you got/made the slip-fit bearings for setup....
Looks like I will rip into it one more time. I am having fun though and learning tons.
Make sure that you are applying tension to your axle shafts in some manor also, easy to over look. I'm thinking it needs to be something like 45 foot lbs while you are spinnng your pinnion around. Imo, would be happy with the pattern. If you get it better congrats!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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