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Gear Pattern Help

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So I am at it again this weekend so forgive all the posts. Here is the drive side pattern:

Yellow Auto part Cuisine

Here is the coast side pattern:

Auto part

So what do you think about the patterns? Are they good enough? Oh yea I have .008" of backlash. Thanks for the help.
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They look better than the pics you posted... Much more centered. I like!
So do you think it is good enough to be finished? It is so subjective that it is hard to know when it is good enough.
By looking at the pics, depth looks really and coast patterns are centered and look even. .008 backlash is great... I say you did one heck of a job for 9 tries! Lol! Run it!!!!

Don't forget preload on pinion... You have been using setup bearings right?
I was never very good at interpreting other people's patterns. When I ran my own pattern everything looked clear to me.

That being said, that pattern looks pretty good to me. It's centered and your backlash is good. I would run another pattern once you get your permanent bearings and races in. Your set-up pinion bearing should be the same as your permanent one but just to be sure I would check again.

Getting a good pattern is a great feeling huh???
Thanks guys. Now it is time to press on the pinion bearing, clean everything really well and put it all together.
keep us posted...
I know I'm a bit late here, but if you can try decreasing depth a hair. I wouldn't worry about running that pattern, but drive looks a hair close.
Well the gearing job went well and I learned a lot. Gearing is not hard, but you must be super patient and have a friend who has the right tools to borrow and good setup bearings. It took 11 tries to get what you see. I fine tuned it once I got close. So far so good, but I only have 30 miles on the new gears. I will take it easy for the first 500 miles to break in the gears. If anyone has any questions just ask.

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If anyone has any questions just ask.
Yeah, I have a question. Will you come help me do mine now? :rofl:
Great job and yes PATIENCE is critical....
It feels great. There were two things that I said I would never do. Gears and an automatic transmission. I guess I can scratch one of those off the list. I could not have done it without the help of people on this site.
Yeah, I have a question. Will you come help me do mine now? :rofl:
Where are you at in Utah?
Where are you at in Utah?
I'm in the Ogden area. I didn't even notice you were from Utah too. Where are you at?
I have 480 miles on the new gears. This weekend I will crack it open and make sure everything is just fine. I am excited.
So do you have to paint and check patterns again, or just look for unusual wear? ... (and shards of metal :rofl:)
Good luck! Let us know the outcome.
Just check the wear pattern that has been work hardened into the gears and any type of other metal.
So here is the proof that my gear job worked properly. 600 miles on these gears. Thank you to all those who helped out.

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