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I hate to admit it but as much as i would love to know everything about gears/ front and reas about as sharp as a marble and i dont know crap:confused: . so hopefully you guys can help me out, im currently saving up and getting ideas for my jeep so i can go have way more fun in it crawling and bogging. i want a pretty diverse jeep that can be great as a weekend driver, as well as crawl up good angles, and cruise into muDD and sand. so any help from you guys or websites you know of would be great. As of now i only have a 2.5L but eventually i will be doing a 350 conversion. so thanks for the help guys i appreciate it.:)
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Oh boy here we go again! you will hear a million diffrent opinions about this and that u are going to add a 350 that will throw everyone in the darkside of axle swaps.... so before all the mall crawlers and web wheelers have a chance to put their 2 cents in it. I will tell you what will satisify all
go ith a pro rock D60 front and rear end from dynatrac with 488 gears and arb air lockers.

Now if you dont want to spend 15 grand on axles then I would suggest upgrading to 4.56 gears chrome moly axle shafts a lunchbox style locker in front and a selectable locker in rear. any way you go you will never please everyone but the good thing about it is you only have to please yourself.

Also dont doubt the D35 axle with a few tweeks it has much more strength than most give it credit for.
I am not sure what you are asking from us damuddman, but I assume you are asking where to start. I believe most people will start with a lift and some real tires. Do as much planning before you get started as possible so you don't end up doing things twice. Don't cheap out and get something just to get you through. Be patient and save a few more dollars to get what you really want, it will pay off in the long run. Contrary to what Angler said, as he predicted, I haven't and will not spend one dime on my stock axles. Sure I could get a super 35 kit from Superior axle and make my axle almost as strong as a dana 44for $1500. I would much rather use that same 1500 to buy a junk yard Dana 44, throw a detroit locker in it, and still have $500 left for something else. That's just me...maybe I'm nuts.
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