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Need help my jeep has 3:21 gears it has 35x18's what's a good gear no mud strictly just cruising?
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I would do 4.10s minimum, my buddy on here (OKSTATEJK) just did 4.56 on his with 35s and really likes it. He does mainly trails/highway
What kind of rpms is he running on interstate. What mpg is he getting? I went with 4.56 should get it back tomorrow or Thursday worried I made a mistake not going with 4.10's.
Just looking at replies because I am thinking. I also have 3.21 gears and just went from the 225/75 tires to some 32s 265/75. will go bigger later but I do no interstate driving and rarely ever see 6th gear for long. I feel my 1st gear is way to high also. got a great deal on the jeep so can not complain. But was considering 4.56 with just the 32s for my driving. I figure if a Rubicon can cruise with 4.10 gears on the interstate and I never see the interstate then I am good with 4.56 gears and 55 highest speed limit I see. Looking more that I can let out the clutch and start moving without touching the gas pedal. Sorry bout getting off topic on this tread.
What year? What trans? Makes a difference. But 4.56 is usually about right but you have to see what your overdrive gear ratio is and use a gear calculator. Don't plug 35" into the calculator either, get a tape measure and check yours vertically. My 35's are actually 33.75" with weight on them. I have 4.10's and run 2300rpm at 70mph.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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