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Gears ????/?????

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Does anyone know where i could find a resource to determine what gears I have 2004 jeep wrangler X columbia edition.
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You'll find the ratio embossed into a steel tag bolted between two of the differential cover bolts at the 9 o'clock position.

If your rear axle is a Dana 44 as identified by its stop-sign (non-oval) shape and that it has a threaded steel bolt plugging its lube fill hole, it has a 3.73. All non-Rubicon Dana 44 axles on the TJ come with 3.73.

If it's a Dana 35c as evidenced by its oval shaped differential cover and plastic snap-in lube fill cover, it either has 3.07 or 3.73 gearing. :)

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thanks everyone, that will be my weekend project to find out. Reason being is im looking to go up in size wih tires.

should I be looking at upgrading to d44's if i dont have them?

if not what the best gears for D30/D35 with 33" or 35" tires
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