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Genright LED Stealth light issues...

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I recently installed the Genright LED lighting package in my tube fenders and am having some trouble.

The LED marker and signal lights work, but only when the overall lights are on. However, in daytime driving, when the overall parking / running lights are off, they do not work. Also, when I activate a left or right signal, the clicking noise is fast and manic. (I know that's an indicator of something not right) I just don't know what it indicates. The manic-blinking problem didn't occur when I was running with my OEM signal- only with this new install.

I'm pretty sure I followed the Genright install instructions.
Anyone else run into this problem?
Tell me there is an easy solution!!?

This is for a 2000 TJ sport

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Correct... No new LED front signal lights when lights aren't on. But rear OEM signal lights still work fine.
Correct again, new LED markers don't come on when lights aren't on.

Just fast flashing (new front LED and rear OEM) signals when lights are on.

I thought the Genright resistor was only necessary for hazards.


So you have no signal lights if your lights aren't on? The markers wouldn't come on if your lights aren't on. That's normal. If it's flashing to fast you need to put in a resistor.

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The LED's use power than normal bulbs so to put it simple it's working harder than it needs to. You'd get a fast flash if you had a burnt out bulb.
A resistor will trick the flasher into thinking nothing is wrong.

Couldn't tell you why you don't have a signal of your lights aren't on though. That's a little strange.

I would suggest putting in a resistor and seeing if that fixes the problem.
The lights should actually flash normally if you have the 4 ways on because it's seperate.
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