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Hey gang, this is my first post! Build date on my Willys 2-door is tomorrow and it's getting harder and harder to wait. Especially since we're having some of our first warm spring days here in normally frosty Minnesota.

One of the first problems I need to solve is getting some secure storage in the rear while topless. I plan to remove the rear seats entirely and right now my leading option is the Smittybilt Storage Vault. And right now I'm noodling around ideas to still allow some access to the under deck storage and provide for window storage.

Security Storage Vaults - Smittybilt

From pictures of the vault it looks like it is around 3" shorter than the sides of the jeep. A riser to bring the top of the box up to the top of the sides would appear to create enough space for window storage under the box.

Okay, so that's pretty straightforward. Here's where I get a little speculative. What if I were to attach the vault to the riser with hinges along the rear so the front edge could be lifted an additional 6" or so for actual access to the under deck storage. Obviously not while it's full, hehehe. But it would provide some access. And it'll have to be attached to the riser with something anyway. So a hinge doesn't really increase the effort. I'd probably put a hitch pin clip of some sort on the front with a short chain or cable to limit the upward travel in anticipation of over rotation hitting the seats.

To that point of contacting the seats -- the only gotcha I can think of is that the vault can only rotate as far as there is clearance for the top rear lip to not contact the front seats or console. But from what I can tell the box appears to be a fair bit shorter than the 2-door rear deck area...maybe by 10 to 12"....?

So here's where you tell me how crazy I am.

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