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Hi! Looking for my first Wrangler! Single and not mechanically inclined. A Jeep friend suggested nothing older than 2000 bc of engine... any advice for me?
hey there and welcome to the world of jeeps... not that i personally like paying more, but a CPO used vehicle will buy you (no pun LOL) extra care coverage as it has been gone through without spending more money (ideally.)

if you have a friend, maybe they could go through the vehicle for you prior.

it is preference to a degree... I prefer the 3.6 V6 best and would look 2012 up. But if you find a 3.8 in great condition, be open.

Check under the jeep- undercarriage and frame- for rot/ rust which you don't want! also look for any fresh paint that doesn't look right. you are trying to ensure the frame is good and not patched to "make it look good.

Tires-check for wear and factor in the price if needing new tires...the wear will provide alittle info on how the jeep was cared for and also if alignments were ever done.

Look on the ground for any leaks or drips. If parked on pavement you have a better opp.

Listen to the engine - you don't want knocking at all. Shifting through the transmission should be smooth.

Look at the pedals- wear will tell you if they are in line with the mileage...

Lastly, if you are not too familiar with modifications, the best bet is a non-modded jeep so that you there are fewer things to look over.

Hope this assists you in your search...
9321 - 9325 of 9325 Posts