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In person it is smaller than it looks in pictures and videos. Much more like a JL with a bed on the back even though the chassis is all new and more truck-like. I have a feeling a lot of people will buy these on the marketing and then end up trading them in to get a bigger truck.

The rear wheel wells are cavernous, and if you peek behind the plastic shroud there's even more room. Fitting 37's and even 40's on the rear isn't going to be difficult. The exhaust routing is also interesting and I have no doubt that we'll see some kits that dump the exhaust fore of the rear axle (for getting in the rocks) but still keep a muffler and perhaps a resonator. There's a lot of room under there. It seems like the fuel tank capacity could have also been expanded, but the tank looks like a JL. There's enough room aft of the tank that it honestly would have been nice if they designed a Gladiator-specific tank that had the same capacity as a JL, but was shorter in height...lending to more breakover clearance under the gas tank, which is a major place where JK's and JL's get turtled.
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