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Glid plate, diff cover or both?

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I have had my jeep about a year now and have not done any serious off roading yet. A few days after getting my 08 jkur I did manage to sink it up to the bumper in mud at a local off road park (ooops) (Thank God another jeep with a winch bailed me out).

My jeep now wears a warn vr8000, ace rock sliders, stinger bumper and high lift jack. ( maybe it was overkill but i went with a 60" red high lift )I have put in a CB and bartact front seat covers. i also have defoliators and an inflator that hooks to a battery.

I am wonering what I need to add for real off roading, like the rubicon trail. I think Jeep jamboree requires diff cover or glide plate or maybe both?

Should i get diff covers, glide plates or both and do i need that for both front and rear diff?

I have not lifted my jeep yet, i know I want a 3 inch lift either rubicon express or teraflex

my jeep came withn 34" bfg at ko2 baja champion tires, when i wear those out I plan on going to 35"

my end game is something i can off road with a short learning curve and not sacrifice any daily driver characteristics.

I know should probably find a jeep club to join but i dont get a lot of time off and I want to make sure my jeep is ready when I start hitting the trails

thanks in advance
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I personally went with upgraded diff covers but a diff skid plate would work just fine. You would not need both so go with what works best for you. And yes, do both the front and rear diff covers.
Guess this is a double post since I just a saw another thread asking the same thing. Maybe Admins can combine the two threads.
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