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Hey all,

Just drove down to Gobi this afternoon and had my Ranger Rack installed with their standard drivers side ladder. I was looking it over in the parking lot and noticed the drivers side ladder was literally sitting right on top of my GenRight tire carrier top release pin. Literally "pinning" it closed. I brought this to their attention (I cannot conceive how nobody in the install shop noticed this) and they quickly took it back and put a passenger side on. They also said they would take a few pics and post it on the website so people don't order drivers side ladders if they have this carrier. I don't think they have run into this issue before and they were really professional about it. I'm just glad I made the drive for the free install instead of getting it shipped to me. They should be updating their website soon.

So cliff notes... If you have or are planning on having the GenRight tire carrier, the Gobi ladder for the driver's side is NOT compatible.
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