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Rock auto has beam style Anco Contour blades for a decent price. Stock is 15 inch, but they dont have many in stock. The 16 inch blades will fit. I just installed them on my Jeep and they seem much better than the stock blades. Can't speak for longevity though.
I used my first car to find the 16" blade in their parts catalog: a 1988 Chevy Cavalier. Part number is c16ub. $9.07 per blade with a $15 rebate per pair. If you have a hard top, you can add in the rear blade for about $5 and qualify for an additional $5 rebate, making the rear blade nearly free.
So for two full sets (4 front and 2 rears) I paid $65 including shipping. Less the $40 rebate and I'm out $15 for two sets....or about $2.50 per blade. Rebate limit is 4 pairs.

Hope this helps someone.

RockAuto Auto Parts
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