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Ok, so I'm trying to do a quick replace of my Jeep's fuel tank skid plate before winter because it had rusted most of the way through. If I wasn't in a such hurry to get it done before a Minnesota Arctic blast, I would have checked out aftermarked skids, like the nice SAVVY that someone recommended.

But I went to the dealer...just wanted a quick and easy bolt up without any hassle. Didn't think the stock skid was too bad at $123 but I ended up having to prime it and am currently trying to spray some undercoating on it in my basement because they're stacked at the warehouse and had several sratches right down to the metal...don't want the new one to start rusting the first winter I have it.

Then I needed tank straps which the dealer told me would be $28.95. I ordered them yesterday and they were in this morning...nice, BUT that was $28.95 EACH!! Guess I assumed the price was for the pair and the nuts were NOT included...WTF? Dealer threw a couple nuts in free of charge.

So $193.34 later, I'm wondering why I just didn't buy a cool aftermarked skid. Ok, so the weather and time were a factor and I didn't want to mess with drilling or anything BUT my question is...what are some good places to shop for Jeep parts?? I'd like to be able to order a catalog as my internet connection is super slow. Any suggestions?
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