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Okay, so, I have a 98 TJ, and it doesn't have the "cover" or "hood" over the top of the Blower Fan intake. I've been having leaks on the passenger floor periodically, after it rains, but sometimes there's nothing or only a small puddle. The car is a project sitting at my parent's house, so I am almost never around immediately after a rainstorm or always forget to check to see where it's leaking from. Until recently....

So, prior to me being there during a rainstorm, I did the usual. First, I thought maybe it was a clogged drain pipe - checked, and nope, works fine. Okay, maybe it was the windowshield cowl - nope, no leak there. Hrm, this is getting frustrating, maybe its the door seal leaking? Nah, not that either. Okay, let me cover the cowl intake to see if that helps, even though I checked the drain. Nope, that doesn't do it either.

So, after the rainstorm where I was present, I took off the cowl after finding a leak coming from the blower vent area. I checked the input from the heater hoses, nothing.

You guys. YOU. GUYS. IT WAS THE GODDAMN HOOD HINGE PLATE TRACKING WATER INTO THE BLOWER INTAKE. Rain would drip down the hinge plate and would "hop" over to the blower intake. It would only do it when the rain was angled properly to seep into that hinge plate.

I couldn't believe how simple an answer it was, and I had not found a single link which led me to believe that was possible. I don't think I'm missing any cowl gaskets to prevent that, but I also haven't had another TJ around to compare it to. All I know, is the next time I'm around, I'm installing some homemade rubber gasket or some sort to prevent that wet floor from ever happening again.
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