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Had to make a couple trips in the Jeep, dragged the utility trailer around, bought some stuff, plus had a couple Jeepers over to buy some spares. Everyone loved the look, function, quality of build, and choice of parts.

Makes me feel good that my vision is appreciated and my hard work (and money) is also appreciated. Even if I did add some "cheap chinese junk that will never be seen on MY Jeep", like the Smittybult tube bumpers and winch. chrome rims and white letter tires, and other things that get regularly s*** on around here. Sometime I feel that this forum is a bunch of sheep with a few good people willing to listen to your individual problems and give you specific answers that could help instead of the easier, general copy and paste solution. If you're tired of the same old questions, move on.... go away.

We need more helpful people around.... and I try, don't know too much, but what I know, I try.

Make your Jeep your own.... You won't regret it!
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