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Well after a 10 year higheatus (sp) I'm back in a wrangler. This is bringing back some good fond memories of when I was 18 driving my YJ. I'm not too swift on the 6sp, as my YJ was a 5, and I was a little nervous of going into reverse from 6, but after one mishap (insert grinding noise) I pretty much got it.

There is NO comparison to my YJ, LOVE the satellite radio and that whole package (430n) and the heated leather seats too. The shifts are a lot smoother too and I feel its a much tighter box (giggity) than my YJ.

It also is a lot quieter (hardtop) and more comfortable. I showed my buddy, who also is a jeeper and has owned several jeeps, and he now has an '02 and fell in love with it too. All in all its a great Jeep, now if I can just get a little more confident in 6th gear. Pics below....


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