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got my Kicker sound bar speakers Saturday. Took it out of delivery guys hands and installed. What a difference.

Only problem is my dome light rattles very lightly on deep base. Some talk shows also. Bob and Tom is horrible. Have to work on a fix for that.

Installed jw speakers a month ago. Aim has not been wright. So after the speakers took grill off and waited for dark.

While I waited I thought I would make grill covers or what ever they are called. really like the look.

I did not glue the zip tie tie downs. I did my 2010 jku with just the 3 m and never had a problem for 6.5 years. Took grill of to remove winch when I sold it and about 4 of them were loose. No big deal.

got done with the grill guards and time to align head light. Took no time. easy. Much better. Had Hot spot in middle Right now light everywhere.

Also just got done washing. vacuume. Black interior is a bitch to keep clean.:atomic::atomic:

Got a fumoto valve to put on after 1st oil change.
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