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HA! you zombie response people kill me

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I mean EVERYONE knows that zombies don't exist.. Now Sasquatch on the other hand.. they are totally real.

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if the truth be known... I actually like the zombie stickers, was going to order some but then a Sasquatch "docuentary" came on and I thought this would be the road less traveled so to speak.
I support this message. :thumb:
hahah this is the most appropriate reply to any thread I have ever posted.

and I wouldn't want to "mess with sasquatch".
Does that come in white for my black JK?

50 Something
actually it is white by default, I had to special order it in black. They guy is on ebay, very quick sender and real cheap prices.
Are you from Provo, UT????
I am from Minnesota but have lived in Maryland for quite some time... I should probably fill out my sig huh?
Ok, so what's the link?

50 Something

This is the guy I purchased mine from. I would give him/her an A++++++ (in ebay speak).

1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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