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Hey all,

So I recently had a shop do a lot of work done to my jeep: Rock Krawler 3.5" Lift, 35" tires, MOPAR BBK w/Master Cylinder & Brake Booster, Teraflex Big Rotor Kit, 4:88 gears.

I first noticed that my speed seemed off, no biggie - knew this would happen with 35"

Then I noticed that my rear 3rd brake light seemed to flicker, or stay on. Then I noticed my Cruise Control would just turn off. THEN the dash lights came on. I then began pulling codes and reset as I went along my way today.

I pulled and reset 4 times today, during a single 175km trip. I've attached a JPG of the excel document I made to track what was going on at the end. I recognize that a few of these are likely due to the work, but I am not positive / if all are, and could use some feedback.

DTC Codes.jpg

I want to say that the following are all from the brake installation being incorrectly done:
PCM 0703 - Brake Switch 2 Performance; FCM C1008 - Brake Fluid Level Circuit High; ABC C107C - Brake Pedal Switch 1/2 Stuck; ABS C1000 - Brake Pedal Switch 1 Circuit - Performance; TCM U1408 - Implausible Brake Signal Received

I imagine having to install a 3.5" lift would change steering, so I am wondering if the following code is linked to that:
ABS C121A - Steering Angle Sensor Not Initialized

I have a set of JW Speaker headlights and foglights installed. Could those be causing the following:
FCM B1630 - Right Low Beam Control Circuit High; FCM B1634 - Left Hi Beam Control Circuit High; B1638 Right Hi Beam Control Circuit High; B162C LT Low Beam Control Ckt Hi

If those are caused by the lights... is it something to worry about/fix? Or just leave it? I am wondering if these faults have always been there, but never triggered the check engine light.

There are some codes I am not certain about though...
1 x PCM P0306 - Cylinder 6 Misfire detected
1 x FCM P0691 - Cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit Low
1 x ABS C2100 - Battery Voltage Low
2 x FCM P0731 - Gear Ratio Error in 1st (this one concerns me...)
1 x WCM B210A - System Voltage Low
1 x WCM B210D - Battery Voltage Low
1 x WCM U0141 - Lost Communication with FCM

The JPG has it all broken down with info.

I will note that I recently had to change my battery since it died. I replaced it with an Optima Red Top probably.... 3 or 4 months ago. When I picked up my Jeep from the shop, they had to boost it to start it up.

Basically, all bits of information back would be appreciated. Once I get a few responses, I plan to email the shop. I believe they are open tomorrow for the Canada Day weekend.

Forgot to mention - my Jeep is a 2015 JKUR. Pictures attached.



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that many codes i would check if your battery clamps are tight.
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