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Hangin a hard top

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Hey Folks,

I recently hung my hard top from my garage rafters with some with some some plain wire. I don't know the thickness of the wire or anything like that...It worked fine and I just put the HT back on last night (by myself) with some ease. I'm not completley happy with the set up and I wanted to see what you folks have made.

Some Pics would be great...

I refuse to buy anything (ie hard top hoist)

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Try 2x4's under each end and ratchet straps, I know some guys that are using that setup. I used to just use ratchet straps to eye bolts in the ceiling rafters on all four corners, worked pretty well until I bought a hoist.
I drilled two holes in my hard top and put two eyelet hooks and use a comealong. it works for me just make sure you seal it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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