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hard to start 98 4.0

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have changed fuel pump, dis. cap & roter and spark plug wires. started great for a while but continues to get worse.need suggestions please
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I have the same problem with my 00.. it takes about 5 secs of cranking to start it :(
So is this a 98 4.0 in a cj? Or do you all need me to move this over to the TJ forum?
hard to start 98 wrangler 4.0

takes about 5 secs. or so to start. battery is ok
4Jeepn said:
So is this a 98 4.0 in a cj? Or do you all need me to move this over to the TJ forum?

this is a 98 wrangler 4.0
I'm guessing its an injector stuck open... when you shut it off it drains the extra pressure and then you have to crank on it till it preassurizes everything up again to start.

4Jeepn Mine is 00 and has the same problem... but the original post was for a 98..
4Jeepn said:
So is this a 98 4.0 in a cj? Or do you all need me to move this over to the TJ forum?
:D Yeah 98 was a damn good year for those cj's
so this weekend i filled it up .5 gals over when the pump stopped and now i'm down to a bit over 3/4ths of the tank and i've only gone 27 Miles so as math goes 3/4ths is around 4 gallons and i've only drove 27miles.. 27/4=6.75 thats some bad gas milage there isnt it? I'm suspecting a gas leak somewhere because everymourning i start it gas arrow drops a noticeble bit.
My problem: Engine would not start up right away and take few seconds of cranking to start.

It turned out to be bad fuel pump. How i found that out is before you start the engine. Turn the key to the posittion just when all the dash lights turn on but before the position that starts the engine. Turn the key so the ligts go on and wait 3 seconds then turn the key back to off again. Now turn the key to that same position so all the lights turn on again wait another 3 seconds and now just turn the key all the way to start the engine. If its bad fuel pump it should start right up now. Just if you are not familiar with it a weak fuel pump will turn back and loose fuel pressure when not working so thats why you turn it on so it builds up the lost pressure. From my education the fuel pump shuts off after 2-3 seconds after you turn the key but do not start the engine and for that reason you turn the key twice.
might want to check your vacuum lines also. spray some carb cleaner on the vacuum line to check for leaks.
^He means throttle body cleaner. Carb cleaner will eat up and gum up any rubber it touches.
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