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Hard Top Rack Options?

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I have a 05' Wrangler Hardtop and really need some quality racks to haul my kayak around. I really like the Thule and Yakima's although I am kind of nervous about drilling and mounting them directly onto the hardtop.

Just wondering if anyone has done this and if this would affect the structural integrity of the top. Or, is the top even sturdy enough to support a kayak? I would hate to be doing 70 down the highway and have the top break.

Any info and pictures would be much helpful!!

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Have you looked at this style?
Buddy of mine runs the one below for his kayak's (sorry for bad pic) From what i recall it can be used with a hardtop as well. I will contact him and let ya know

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I have the rack pictured above on my soft-top YJ. It attaches to the front windshield hinges and then to the rear body to frame mounts. A couple of extra holes through the rear body with plates inside tub.

Wilderness Expedition Rack by Garvin Industries. Shopped it on line with Quadratec I believe. A local guy wanted $200 more!
Yeah, I have seen those bigger hefty racks that mount by the windsheild. Very nice, but kind of pricey. The Yakima bolt on kit with everything included only runs around $300. Trying to keep it semi-inexpensive. Thanks for all the info and the pic!!
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