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I have a 2003 Hardtop on a 1999. When I went to jeep and got the wiring harness all they offered was the kit for the newer tops 2003-2006 I think. Anyways, I ran everything and got the wiper to work without any issues but I could never get the defroster to work.
It was awhile back I messed with it so I’m going to go off memory. But I figure out the wiring into the Gauges but the one or two wires that you connect into the harness on the drivers kick panel I could not figure out.
My hope is that maybe someone has a link to the instructions for the earlier hardtop harness (1999) as well as a link to the newer hardtop harness (2003) install so I could compare and try to figure this out.
Unless you know of the fix.
I was thinking on messing with this, this weekend when I plan to run some wires thru my roll cage for a switch panel I’m going to make.

Thanks for any help.
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