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PO has turned the jeep into a rats nest of wires with the xj 4.0/aw4 swap and some things are even ran with speaker wire as a power wire! Anyways i have signals(well had till i messed up the left one somehow tonight lol) i have running lights too. i dont have reverse or brake lights

1. i took my brake light switch out and it has two wires.
2. i temp shoved a wire into my under dash fuse box to use as a power wire to test my brake switch. (switch is good)
3. i removed my brake light housing from the body and there are three wires (white/black, white, and a green/black) if i were to direclty wire from my brake light switch and run a series from the switch to both lights, what color wire should i wire into directly from the brake light housing?
4. Will this even work?:rip:
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