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The BLM wants to shut down your access! Unfortunately it seems most folks are content to let things happen around them, and here's another opportunity to do just that.

However, if you really enjoy your back country exploration opportunities, I suggest you take a look at the following map provided by the BLM. This map is the bureau's PREFERRED RMP (recreation management plan) for our southern Nevada public lands and includes many road closures that you should be aware of.

BLM RMP Map... Southern Nevada Preferred Alternative Maps

If it bothers you losing more access to our public lands, it will take work on your part to try and effectively influence the BLM's decision to avoid it. Detailed response to specific areas only will be considered as valid comments.

Here is a link to the complete southern Nevada BLM's RMP (recreation management plan)...

Do SOMETHING! You only have until March 9 to comment. Take the time to study the map to see if you agree with the plan and it's proposed closures. Make your comments pointed to specific areas, not a generalized comment as those are completely disregarded.

Please get involved! Please write a detailed comment!

Get involved by going here...

BLM - Get Involved
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