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Hazard Flashers Inop.....Cuase and Cure

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The hazard flashers haven't worked since day one on my 95 YJ. After checking fuses (with a voltmeter), swapping flashers ( with a none good one),and replacing the turn signal/hazard switch still no hazards. So I did what I should have done in the first place check for voltage at the flasher and there was none. Its either a bad connection or broken wire I don't care I am not ripping the wiring and fuse box out of this Jeep just to fix one thing that doesn't work.
I took a good flasher and attached 2 wires with 1/4" female spade connectors to it and installed an inline fuse on one lead and installed 1/4" male spade connectors on the other end.
I plugged the end with the inline fuse in to a 12v+ connector on the fuse block and the other end to the side of the fuse box where the flasher plugs in.
VIOLA working flashers.
Just be sure to insulate all connections so they cant accidently short out.

I just thought this tip might save some one a lot of grief if they have a similar problem with a dead slot on their fuse box.
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you bypassed the broken connector/wire on / behind the fuse block... good idea...

but if you can handle putting on a spade connector, then you could pull the fuse block off and look behind/on the side of it and find the broken wire/connector...

Im guessing it is broken but probably a connector that kinda slipped out or has some corrosion in it??

but I like your write up... a picture would be awesome...

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The reason I did the repair the way I did was to not further disturb 25 year old wiring.
It is also pretty tuff to get a fuse box out to where you can see what you are working on.
There isn't much to take pics of . My main purpose is to show an alternative repair method. Thanks

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This is interesting if the issue is a wire at the fuseblock.

What if the issue is the push-button switch itself? I know it and the turn signal are clustered into a harness within the column. But... Is it possible to cut the wire(s) under the column, bypass the push-button hazard switch entirely, and rewire into a rocker switch located anyplace I'd want?

Its a common problem with the hazard switch: it gets warn and doesn't stay engaged when pushed in. I've been inside the column before, replaced key lock assy, and while not difficult, I don't look forward to going inside again.

If possible, I'd much rather rewire the hazard switch to a new location.
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