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2013 Wrangler Unlimited.

This just started happening recently.
After driving I shut the jeep off. the hazzards then flash a few times.
I get out and try to lock car with the FOB - nothing happens - I try several more times and then it locks the Jeep - but after I drive again and turn jeep off. the hazzards flash several times and wont lock firts few times.....
Happens all the time.
When this started I figured the FOB battery was low - so I started using the other FOB (i got 2 original FOB's when jeep was new just never used one of them) and all works fine. No issues at all.
I replaced battery on original FOB(that causes the issues) and still have same issues but the newer FOB works just fine - no issues.
really weird - I though it had to be the battery but tried 2 new batteries and same weird behavior.

No aftermarket items of any kind - it has factory remote start. (I saw several posts about issues with aftermarket alarms, starters, etc.)

could the FOB need to be programmed again or somehting?
It is so strange that the other FOB gives no issues.

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