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Head light upgrade? Let's see them.

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Head light upgrade? Show me those high beams!

I am interested in upgrading my stock headlights, cause, as most, or all of you know, they suck. I see a lot of threads that feature LED or HID or projector, but I (and I am sure many others) would love to see them all next to each other. If you, or someone you know has upgraded your head lights, please show us and give us your opinion of them. Pros, cons, install problems, clearance issues, flickering, beam pattern or anything else we might want to know. If you had to do it all over again, would you get the same brand/style, or would you go with something different all together?
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I did the new heated Truck-Lites since, you know, it snows a lot up here. They've worked great.

The beam pattern could be better; they're not like the HIDs on a BMW, for example, but they're pretty spectacular compared to the OEM bulbs and I'm pretty happy with the price. When I was digging up these pictures I found the comparison shots I took with the OEM bulbs and ouf, those suck.

Properly adjusted (definitely get the horizontal-adjustment screws), the artifacts go away while driving. I only see them when I'm up close to something, as shown in one of the attached images.

The other images are low beam and high beam shots.


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I ordered parts from and retrofitted bixenon hid projectors into JK housings for use in my TJ. I wish I would have done a better job fitting the shroud, but overall they came out pretty good for my first retrofit ever. The housings were not deep enough, so I had to cut the backs off of the housings and fit the projectors with an epoxy after making sure they were level. The overall building of them was really frustrating, but in the end it was worth it. They now sell a sealed7 kit that would have saved me the headache of making my own. Ah well, spent less than half of that kit.

The only problems I had were with the ballasts they came with. When it was cold outside, one would occasionally not fire and would flicker. Turned out to be a design flaw with that ballast and they send me two newly redesigned ones for free provided I sent proof that I destroyed the old ones. Sometimes I have issues with snow buildup since the HIDs run fairly cool and don't melt the snow off. Doesn't bother me too much. Output is fantastic and will nearly outshine the KC daylighters I have on my windshield. Very consistent pattern with no hot spots and a very sharp lowbeam cutoff.

Anyways, heres some pics I've been posting around WF.

Baking the housings open

Lens off

Dremeled the back out to fit projector taking just a little plastic at a time...I don't recommend the battery powered one...

It fits!

Dat color flicker

Low beams, don't mind that its a bit sideways, I was on a sideways hill

Cut off

High beam in the snow

Final product

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