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Headlight switch removal

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I have a 1997 wrangler and recently been having problems with the headlights turning on. When I pull the switch I have to fiddle with the pull out knob to get where they stay on. I figure it may be the headlight switch assembly? I am at the point where i unplugged the 2 wiring harness to the switch. How do I remove the switch and pull out knob? I dont see any screws holding it in place. any help would be appreciated. thanks
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search this forum for this topic as someone recently did a very nice write-up with pictures on replacing the headlight switch on a TJ. i did this repair myself on my '02 a few months ago and it is a very easy job. as was said above just remove the two screws holding the black plastic steering wheel shroud, pull the shroud off the steering column and you will see the headlight switch screws (torx).

get a replacement switch from Autozone not the dealer, I made that mistake and threw away 60 bucks.
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