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Headlight switch removal

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I have a 1997 wrangler and recently been having problems with the headlights turning on. When I pull the switch I have to fiddle with the pull out knob to get where they stay on. I figure it may be the headlight switch assembly? I am at the point where i unplugged the 2 wiring harness to the switch. How do I remove the switch and pull out knob? I dont see any screws holding it in place. any help would be appreciated. thanks
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Pull out switch or High Beam/Low beam switch

My 1997 Wrangler Sport has the headlight issue. It seems that it isn't the headlight switch but more like the High Beam/Low beam stalk. When I have had the lights on and pull the stalk to put on the high beams, the headlights shut off. Very disturbing on a dark road! I have seen some comments but have not been able to determine if the fix is with the stalk switch or if it is in the pull out light switch. Any help would be appreciated.
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