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My anticipated use is 50% overlanding/camping, 25% off-roading, and 25% normal driving. I work from home most days, and when I do go into the office I take public transportation, so it’s not a daily driver. I do want to explore however and anticipate spending a lot of time out on the road to get there and back. My goal is to drive the Trans America Trail in Heavy-Metal, September 2018; so that is my timeline for the initial build out.

I am putting lift, wheels, and tires near the end. While I love the look, I am an off road noob right now so I think my driving skills are going to be the bottleneck for the first year as opposed to vehicle height. Top priorities are getting out on the trails, fun, and minimizing damage caused by rookie mistakes. I joined a local Jeep club and will get out with them as much as possible.

I respect your opinions, and welcome any feedback. The build is broken into phases, for budgeting purposes.

Phase 0 (April 2017 – Completed)


  • 2017 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Recon - Gobi
  • 4.10 Gears
  • Alpine audio + 430N
  • Swing gate reinforcement + oversize spare tire carrier.
  • Black Hardtop
  • EVTS, Supplemental Airbags, Engine Block Heater

Phase 1 (April 2017 - Completed)


  • MORE Dead Pedal
  • Sunrider for Hardtop
    • I can’t fit my hardtop through the front door of my apartment building, so this has been really great.

  • Bolt Hood Lock
  • Mopar Locking Gas Cap
  • Brand Motion Adjustable Backup Camera
    • I had second thoughts about this and have been waiting to install it. People don’t think twice before jumping off the sidewalk to cross behind a moving vehicle around here though... So I’m leaning towards installing it.
Protection, Misc.

  • Bartact MilSpec seat covers Black/Red
  • FluidFilm (I did the whole underside, sans brakes and exhaust)
  • Rugged Ridge Cowl covers
  • RedRock Door Sill guards
  • RedRock Shorty Flex Antenna
  • Tire Track rear cargo mat
  • Mopar 10a Bumper Hoop (equally cosmetic I suppose)
Recovery gear
Not mods, but they live in the Jeep and I thought relevant to the TAT overlanding goal.

  • Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickax – Molle attached to rear seat
  • Gerber Gator Combo Axe + Gransfors Bruks Diamond File Axe Sharpener
  • H3R Maxout Fire Extinguisher + Drake roll bar clamp mounts
  • Maximus-3 mag-lite driver seat mount + mag-lite
  • Molle Storage bag for gear; containing:
    • ARB E-Z Tire Deflator
    • ARB Tire Pressure Gauge
    • Rugged Ridge Tire Repair Kit
    • Warn Epic Snatch block
    • ARB Snatch strap
    • USGEAR Tow Strap
    • Rugged Ridge Tree Saver
    • 2x Rugged Ridge Line Dampener
    • 3x ¾” D-Rings
    • Mechanix gloves
    • mAuto 4 gauge jumper cables
  • Stanley 1000 peak Amp Jump Starter/reserve power supply/emergency air compressor
  • Pittsburgh 301 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Kit
  • 2x Speedmaster PCE561.1002 traction aids

Phase 2 (ETA May 2017):

  • Warn VR10-S winch w/ red FlatLink and Maximus 3 license plate mount
  • ARB Twin Air Compressor
  • sPOD 6 switch Kit with Air Gauge and Double LED rockers
  • Cobra 75 wxst CB radio, 4’ FireStick antenna, fender antenna mount, HD antenna spring

Phase 3 (ETA September 2017):

  • Rock Hard Fuel Tank Skid Plate
  • Rock Hard Transfer Case Skid Plate
  • Rock Hard Engine/Transmission Skid Plate
  • AFE Power Mach Force XP Hi-Tuck Exhaust System

Phase 4 (ETA December 2017):


  • Rugged Ridge Windshield Frame Light Bar (Old-school style, mounts 5x round lights)
  • 3x KC HiLites 6” Pro-Sport Gravity LEDs – Driving beam (3 center positions)
  • 2x KC HiLites 6” Pro-Sport Gravity LEDs – Flood beam (1 each on far left/right positions)
  • 2x KC HiLites Cyclone LED Accessory lights (to be mounted under the hood)
RotoPax setup

  • 2x RotoPax Waterpak
  • 2x RotoPax Gaspak
  • 3x RotoPax Lox mount
  • 1x RotoPax mount extension
  • Garvin roll bar bracket for RotoPax mount (2x waterpak)
  • MORryde Driver Side RotoPax Mount (1x gaspak)
  • MORryde Passenger Side RotoPax Mount (1x gaspak)

Phase 5 (ETA June 2018):

Lift, wheels, and tires

  • MetalCloak 2.5” Game Changer w/ RockSport shocks
  • Duratrac LT315-70R17 Tires; 34.36” x 12.4”
  • Rugged Ridge Trail Runner Classic Steel Wheels; 17”x9” w/ 4.5” BS
  • Teraflex Big Brake Kit - Front
  • Griffin Steering Attenuator

Phase 6 (ETA August 2018):

Overland Endurance

  • Genesis Dual Battery Kit, 200 amp isolator upgrade, 2x Odyssey PC1500 batteries
  • 48” Hi-Lift Jack + Teraflex swing gate mount, jack base, and handle keeper.
  • ARB 50 Quart Fridge Freezer
    • + ARB Sliding Drawer for 37/50 Quart ARB Fridge Freezer
    • + Canvas Bag for ARB Fridge Freezer
    • + Tie Down System for ARB Fridge Freezer
  • Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack (or similar, will need to confirm compatibility with Sunrider for Hardtop before purchase)
Here she is, after phase 1:


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You're off to a great start:thumb: Well thought out build list.

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